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This blog is basically fandom stuff. Fire Emblem, Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, Final Fantasy, Young Justice, Avengers, Arrow, and more anime than I can count. Also, video games!! Basically anything that catches my fancy.

You can tell a lot about a girl just by which version of Chris Redfield she likes. And let me tell you: buff Chris Redfield is delicious.


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I also really miss being able to chug any amount of caffeine I want.

Today’s not all bad though, spoiled myself at Ulta today. Spent a little bit more than I planned, but I got a crap ton of makeup for free.

Ain’t nothing better than free!


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6 weeks left and I am going fucking nuts.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my son. …but you never realize how much you fucking love booze until you can’t have any. (And then seeing a picture of your fiance chugging a gigantic mug of golden, frothy, delicious… ugh.)

All I want is one measly beer. It doesn’t even have to be a good brand. It could be something as shitty as a Corona. I can’t wait for the middle of October comes, because I will have a goddamn beer. And a fucking sandwich. A cold sandwich, not a nasty, heated, re-refrigerated sandwich. And I will cram my mouth full of fucking soft serve. 

Food is the reason why I desperately want a breast pump: LISTERIA BE DAMNED. 

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m excited to be a mom, but I miss being able to be an individual. Call me selfish, if you must. Anyone who knows me and plans on visiting me in the hospital after Tommy arrives, please sneak me in a taste of a shitty beer.

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Is there a live studio audience…?

This laugh track is so silly. xD

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